jeudi 30 juillet 2015


i've another A 65 in the shed, for a genuine rebuild, not often here.... so another set of mudguard brackets to make, front is done, rear is on way

switch knob was broken so i made a stainless star instead

samedi 25 juillet 2015


still on test............, here's few pics with the genuine headligh, love it

dimanche 19 juillet 2015


apologize for the lack of update, can't be everywhere in the same time...... i'm working on my rear mudguard, and "bracketing" , as usual . i make a gas cap proto for the D1 tank too, will probably try other way

vendredi 26 juin 2015

UPDATE, if we can tell that like that.........

main prog is that i found a D1 tank at a decent price on the bay , provisory(one more time) installed . can't move on the workshop this week, i'm working in a scary monster............

dimanche 7 juin 2015


my engine had 60 years yesterday, not a record, i reckon, but it's a good beginning

 finished the battery strap for the other project