mercredi 28 juillet 2010


well, this side is more hard to do than the other
the footpeg bracket is on the belt drive.
i need a brake pump but i dont know
where i can put it.i decide to build the peg like an old pedal.
i make the bracket with a tube dia 28 mm id and build my pump
i find an old MAGURA pump to be the donor
i'm not able to do the seal. the body is in bronze.
then i include the pump in the stainless tube.
i must build a special 90 degree fitting, after 2 test,
it's OK
now i need to weld this assembly in the gearbox bracket
normally i weld my spares myself but when i want THE WELD
i go to see Phil from Phil inox design (see card).
before welding i drill the bracket for the brake line.
i build the lever later.

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