mardi 31 août 2010


now i must cut the strange rear bracket and drill the frame for wiring and brake line . the stainless tube will be re cut after welding .

dimanche 29 août 2010


today , dismantling.
i have some last cuts and holes to's not possible do to them if the engine stay in the frame so .....

jeudi 26 août 2010


well, this week the web was out here so i don't waste my time.
i ' ve machined my brake pedal, it 's functional and follow the look of the rest


last days, i received my carb from Burlen UK ,ordered by Rowan in exchange with others spares .
big thank's mate, all is perfect. before that , i have machined the manifold in stainless in 2 spares welded in the center to prevent buckling in the flanges

vendredi 20 août 2010


well , Arcadian seem interested by this spare . i do it with a bit of alloy thickness 20 mm .
fist step i have bored a hole dia 25 mm with a hole saw ,then i have drilled 2 holes perpendicular,after that i have taped M8 the 2 follow i cut the spare at the axe of the big hole, then , i install a grub at the bottom to prevent rotation. last step , polishing.

jeudi 19 août 2010


the rear fender was in another life a front mudguard from a 125 cm3 CAZENAVE , french motorcycle mid fifties .i cut it in 3 bits to supress the middle who was stamped for the fork tubes.
after that, i 've expanded the 2 last bits by deformation, then welded. the brackets are in stainless steel like the old bicycle system . the taillight is a Ford repro in stainless ,i build the bracket from a square tube 30mm x 30mm altered to suit the taillight

dimanche 15 août 2010



well, the covers are OK. now i must cut the side of the triple trees and weld on the holes . the fork sliders will be paint in black
then, the front end will done


i ' ve decided to put a pair of fork covers because i don't like this fork looking.
i try to build them conical but it was a fiasco ,lot of buckling due at the weld.
i find another solution to do them easy,quickly,and not too bad looking

vendredi 13 août 2010


i rebuild the brake tube and lever in stainless steel.
one more time genuine parts are rusty.
now i must build two stainless fork covers.


first step:the hub has been sand blasted to remove the old chrome,
then polished.the polishing is not perfect but the alloy is bad.after that,i've buyed a new rim and a set of spokes to rebuild the you can see in the pics, the spokes are not rights.
i do the wheelbuilding 3 time and i ' ve always the same defect,i think the drill angle is not good in the rim.if someone have a solution,i 'm interested

mercredi 11 août 2010


today, i ' ve machined the last exhaust bracket and welded it.
now, i must adjust the bearing clearance on the rear wheel
then the rear of the bike will done . next step will the front end

samedi 7 août 2010


well, today i can't work so i've decided to show you some others spares.
the 3 first pics are candlesticks done with some alloy bits too small to do other things
last pics was an order for spares to rebuild an old handtrail for Phil. you can see the job done at Phil inox design(see card)

jeudi 5 août 2010


the reducer is done
it will be good
the end is not so far


well, today i receive my silencer from Pete (eat the rich).thank's mate
now i can adjust the tube lenght to place it and machine a reducer
between the silencer (1 3/4 approx 44mmm) and the pipe (42,4 mm)
after that i must do a bracket and weld it in the frame and that's done

mercredi 4 août 2010


a new spare is done.the exhaust is finished,stainless steel one more time.
i do it with similar method than the xl exhaust (see termajii on the list)
my friend Phil(see card) weld it,Pete from eat the rich(see list) find me a finned clamp , now i' m waiting the silencer to re cut the end of the pipe.

mardi 3 août 2010


well, today my motivation level to work is near zero.
i found these old pics taken in mid eighties. i was gone alone for a trip in Scotland
with a 500 sr yamaha (my first big single) . good trip,no dramas exept 6 liters of oil to do 3500 km.......... and a rear tyre, i've replaced this one at Inverness in a car was the first time i replace a bike tyre with 3 big tyre tools in the garage,no bike tyre neither.
they found me a Avon for side car,i can't wait so i took it .
you can see the same bike 6 months later.maybe bsh reading......