jeudi 7 octobre 2010


today , i ' ve continued to check the box . i don't know who have dismantled this box before but there's a lot of craps , missing screws , dead spring . as i 've said before , bushes are out , i don't know how do the oil to stay in cases ........ at last, total rebuild , now i must listing all the bushes ,bearings , seals ,ect ,ect .
little progress on the frame , i 've installed a pair of alloy bearing cups that i 've machined before,that's the positive thing of the day .

2 commentaires:

  1. c'est pas cool ces problèmes de boite ! mais ton boulot est toujours au top .support roland ,il le mérite. steph

  2. pour l'instant ,je rame plus que je n'avance