mardi 7 décembre 2010


i've another cylinder so i paint it to have an idea. now i see that it's not the same, fins are more small than mine . it's a spray paint and not very resistant, anybody knows a good paint for iron ?
there's a lot of craps in paint so if she get back after 3 months , it does'nt matter to do it

5 commentaires:

  1. A friend of mine uses a 2 pack on his Vincent motor, in gloss, and it has lasted years

  2. PJ1 is good but years ago we painted a C90 cylinder head and exhaust with red smooth Hammerite and it still looks as good today (or bad depending on your taste).

  3. Im using VHT high temp exhaust paint. Looks good. heat rating up to 1200 d. my local auto stores here in Cali have it. I've also seen it on Ebay for 8 bucks a can.