lundi 27 décembre 2010


i was'nt totally satisfied with the beezer handlebar. firstly, it's chromed steel, which doesn't fit. Secondly, I'm not sure to have a good tightening with one screw, for a half handlebar. a few times ago i bought a pair of Biltwell risers with SUMO (VINTAGECHOP.COM), and until this day, i can't mount them on the yoke. at first, i haven't the good screws in stock (1/2 X 13) and the alloy spares builded in place of the genuine HD rubber bushings are drilled at 12 mm, so to mount the new screws, all the internal drills were wrong. now it's good for the risers, next step is the handlebar, Phil gave me a bit of stainless tube diameter 25mm to make it, in the same time i will try to build an internal throttle

3 commentaires:

  1. oh yeah! cant wait roland to see them finished
    really like the shape of those bars!

  2. Like your style as always Roland.
    Nice work.