dimanche 9 janvier 2011


as i've said a few times ago, i wanted to build the handlebar in stainless steel. Phil gave me a bit of tube diameter 25 mm (to find 1 inch tube here is another story.......) but this tube has only 1,5 mm wall thickness, it's just but the bike is light and the handlebar is no too long . at first , to do cuts correctly is not easy then yesterday i was'nt a good welder. the job is done, but i'm not satisfied.
i hope it will be acceptable after polishing....

1 commentaire:

  1. I have made a few sets of bars out of the 1" X 1.5mm stainless and they have held up well. just be sure to burn your weld in deep if your going to metal finish and polish them. The beezer is looking great!