mercredi 25 mai 2011

ROAD TEST part 2

i found a moment today to retry the Beezer after some modifications, little progress but another crap comes. the float is full of gas and stay open everytime, no good. i've installed an old float but not exactly the same size, so i'm not sure if the gas level stay correct. more soon

2 commentaires:

  1. Roland, Ive ran into this with the white plastic floats.After battling a few I have fonnd that some thickened super glue over any holes will seal it right up and the fuel has little effect on the glue.
    Just give it a little squeeze with soap and water to check for leaks.

  2. AMAL now do a stay-up float that get's around this problem. Johnny has had two fail like this in the last three years on his Bonneville. I think it's the Ethanol that is screwing them up. Let me know and I'll get you one, I need one for the Enfield any way.