lundi 18 juillet 2011

PUNTA BAGNA 2011 part 2

some other pics , more soon

PUNTA BAGNA 2011 part 1

this week end i went with my friend PHIL to VALFREJUS for the Punta Bagna bike show. one more time the beezer was in the van but , due at the distance and the timing, there was no alternatives . crazy week end, good trip, 2500 km in 25.30 hours and 2 days with no bikes, very cool people from everywhere, good concerts. my friend Jerome won the best of sportster with his latest build totally home made with his friend Pat, glad for you mate, i like this bike. the beezer is third in radical category, i'm glad too cause when you see the bikes, the level was awesome, look at the shovel who won the trip to sturgis......................THANKS A LOT to WILD MOTORCLES AND THE ROUGH RIDERS MC for this f***** great week end

mardi 5 juillet 2011


well, i've machined a new cotter pin (the hell), done modifications of the excentrics, added a felt seal to prevent leaks, re assembled and started and at this time it's good, road test soon, hope tomorrow. in the same time the chain" eats" the paint of the mudguard so to prevent that, i've builded a chain guide, must be tested too

samedi 2 juillet 2011


well, due at the various probs and leaks, i've decided to dismantle the primary drive to check what's happens. in fact the belt was too tight, not so much but enough to have leaks. i must modify the excentrics. look at the clevis pin, no comments