mercredi 3 août 2011


i went to the HAYRIDE last week end, alone with my daily driver, 400SR . 1100 Km approx in four days, very good trip. and 3 days totally mad for a frenchy, never seen that before. then it was the first time i met all the STOCKERS in "live". great time, riding with ROWAN, good time with everybody, BRIAN ,SHAUN, VAUGHAN, MAYNARD, LEIGHT, TREV, ......the list will be too long and i can't remember all the names BUT IT WAS REALLY AWESOME FOR ME, here's some pics, the selection is very hard, the quality and the quantity of cars and bikes is...................THANKS A LOT everybody, it's unforgetttable

3 commentaires:

  1. miss you already buddy, shame you didnt get to the drags, you were'nt around when we went. maybe see you in brittany. bon chance.

  2. it was great to have you visit... you MUST come again... i want to see the beezer in the flesh !!!

    great time, great event, great freinds..... perfect

  3. was nice to see you mate . we add a great time ;) shaun