mardi 31 décembre 2013


The last crap of the year, lathe wouldn't run, mut be turned handly to start, all the symptoms of a failed capacitor, i ve dismantled and found two capacitors...dunno who's guilty so i'll change the two, at this state...

samedi 21 décembre 2013


how many time would we accept to keep a no running "machine" ?
it's time to cut the crap

jeudi 28 novembre 2013


in fact, it's finished since a moment but i was buzy with various craps, road test now, i've removed the seat to see " how to" for the next , i'm on the affair, with some ideas but hard to build  , my arms are outta control too, often, especially in this season, must take my time to work .

jeudi 21 novembre 2013


mix of good and less good, you can't always get what you want,  nearly zero progress , exept a "test" bracket for the speedo and 2 rubber boots for the fork stop and that's all, what a pity.... the caliper is leaking by the bleeder thread , spend a lot of time without results, tighten, overtighten, then the thread comes with the bleeder, end of the game .
one more time, the good things comes from Uk ,  i've received a seat from  Pete,  thanks mate .

dimanche 17 novembre 2013


"new " front end installed, just the brake to bleed and install the speedo sensor somewhere, seems not too bad . I'm searchin' a headlight rim , diameter 130 mm, in good condition , as you can see mine had a long and hard life.... , if somebody have that :  thanks.

mercredi 13 novembre 2013


well, the XL is finished, and gone . Beezer is arrived , i've installed the new throttle slide in the carb , what a change !! more smooth, and strong now, machining clearance are clearly not the same , next step, the front end .

jeudi 7 novembre 2013


Today, British letterbox, i've received  a hard anodised throttle slide for the Beezer and a free catalogue, rare nowadays from   best place for Amal, SU or Weber spares  and a cool sticker from  thanks Tom .

mercredi 30 octobre 2013


well, after few hours , the front end is not too bad , in the same time i've finished the Beezer caliper . ready to install now, when the XL will be finished

vendredi 25 octobre 2013


one more time, caliper install , so bracket....... , not for me this time, another job on the stock XL . a sport jap bike caliper, 750 Stinger ,  installed  . as you can see the cleaning job is perfectible...

mercredi 9 octobre 2013


well, it takes more time than i was thinking ,  but now i've some choice, thanks for that mates , some interesting "specimens", but there's not a big place on the narrow front, even the genuine caliper is in conflict with the spokes, ????  must be grinded to go in place, will see that later, i've some others jobs to do

vendredi 13 septembre 2013



nothing revolutionary , i admit . just another serie of Beezer pics , as my friend Brian said : "Like it ever needed one........................."about the future modifications, more i look , more i ask me....
thank to RY for the bellmouth cover tag , have a look at

samedi 7 septembre 2013


still in Beezers, more pics of the grey A 10 on top at , followed by an unknow engraved  and the Vic clever work , also on the list, check at

jeudi 5 septembre 2013


few beezers pics, mine , friends bikes and others stolen on the web, not in this order

lundi 2 septembre 2013


my "new" front end is nearly ready, just the front caliper to find and it will be good