lundi 30 juin 2014

UPDATE , or something like that

tank is arrived, from AVERY PRODUCT , look good . fork spares are OK, uninstalled at  this time, must finish the fork stop before and have few correction to do for the rear wheel

mercredi 18 juin 2014


another mishap bout the scrambler.... time to make a break, tired to stay in the shadow on the shed. little ride today, nothing serious , bout 60 miles, just enough to hear London Calling..............if i had to explain,bla bla
Beezer still running like a clockwork, love it

dimanche 15 juin 2014


lot of thing on the bench but not a lot finished . due at the strange "profile" of the fork leg, wasn't proper to install the fork gaiters, who're too short for the fork, i've machined 2 bit of alloy tube to "make the junction", now i must make 2 cap for the top of the gaiters, diameter is too big......
got the tyres installed so the rear wheel is (was) in place, few settings to do, could be on the ground soon if not major problem .

jeudi 5 juin 2014


got the tyres and the rear muguard, in stainless, will see that soon, was finishing my battery case, nearly ready, just two clips to weld for the strap, made the cover in stainless, 0,8 mm thickness, brass was out of stock, in dimension needed .
maybe too shinny ?

mercredi 4 juin 2014


made this battery case for the Tribsa , not too bad but not for this bike................
not enough place on the frame to do what i want. so i build another case, genuine inspiration but different size, unfinished at this time , brass cover is far to clean, but 'integration" is better like that

another "regulator recyclage", already done but with another design, a little cover for the next Beezer