samedi 30 avril 2016


thought i was OK for the speedo, but as i'd another model to build for a friend, i was enough involved to rebuild mine, better now. here's the box for my friend, speedo isn't definitive, just for the test

and mine after modifications

changed the angle of the bracket and stretched the side stand

mardi 26 avril 2016


few small stainless parts done, a T for the return oil line, tensionner for the clutch cable, heads for the cables....

at last the rear tailight is installed, one in each side, as preview
and  as i wasn't satisfy with speedo mount, i rebuild another housing and a pair of angled brackets, to be honest, i'm still unhappy with that but it will stay like that for the moment, i spend enough time on this

vendredi 15 avril 2016


speedo is installed, not really as preview but with a good route for the cable

working on another proto for a plate holder

vendredi 8 avril 2016


still around my rear tailight, not sure if they fit, at last.......
make another knob, for a guy around here
my good mate Brian send me a Smith speedo, small diameter, perfect for my scale, as it was installed in a headlight, i must make an "housing" .

had few set of paintsavers for Shovelhead swinging arm axle, stainless steel. 15 euros including postage, pm me if interested