mardi 29 novembre 2016


not one of mine today, here's few pics of another Beezer . my friend Franck , from Metz, is currently building a 500 BSA for the race . i make a lot of spares for this one, around 30 spares at this time, all the shinny parts, in fact . actually Franck is working on the engine, and make a great job on it, can't wait to see it finished

vendredi 25 novembre 2016


i've changed my daily driver for a modern "press & go" found this one at a decent price, 21000 km, 650cm3 , here's some pics, doesn't matter to make a video to hear it, there's no noise

at this point of the story, that's much more easy for me, the goal is to stay on the road

dimanche 20 novembre 2016


i'd dismantled all the bike for the final build, and had a little setting to do about thr rear rim must move around 8 or 10 mm on the left, not a prob in theory last spokes doesn't want to move, take the time , add a ton of WD 40, for nothing. at last i remove them with a vise grip........... doesn't matter to say at this time i need a set of spokes, and maybe a flanged rim . at last i've polished the hub

engines are arrived in the bench

vendredi 11 novembre 2016

Leonard Cohen Chelsea Hotel #2 Live

                                                   sad day.............