mercredi 26 juillet 2017


after a lot of mishaps, as usual, the gearbox is installed . had dismantled it 3 times....... i've put new bushes and springs, gearchange system was OK . after installed the cover, he don't want to move, remove it , searchin' the bug, in fact the bushes base have an overthickness of 4/10 of mm . it's my crap, i didn't check them before install, and don't want to remove them, so i made another gasket, more thick, perfect now......

dimanche 9 juillet 2017


at last, after a lot of mishaps, the frame is back, well, fifty shades of black............

few investigation about the gearbox . gearchange springs are out, , the arm bushes, inner and outer are out of size too

found a strange set of  washers under the arm nut ??
big thanks to my mate Brian who send me the BSA book about this gearbox, great help to understand how that work

dimanche 2 juillet 2017


had a look on my gearbox, never seen this gearchange system before, very "barbare".....
was lookin' the bottom nuts and  they're too short to sit properly in the cover ???? the hexagon part is in conflict with the case, they're exactly same lengh but shorter, so i made another set in stainless
paint job is on way, unfinished at this time, not sure about the result, supposed "satiné", mat, in fact . or maybe is it due at the wrong painter ?

samedi 1 juillet 2017


few other pics , i make around 30 spares for this one


my mate Franck send me some pics of his Beezer racer nearly done, good job, here's some pics